GoFit GoGravity Gym – Ultimate Body Weight Trainer

$ 663.00

Ultra-Versatile System – Anchor your workouts virtually anywhere




Build strength and endurance anywhere, anytime using your body weight. The GoFit GoGravity Gym is an ultra-versatile system that has everything you need for endless exercise options. Anchor your workouts virtually anywhere: use the Door Anchor on a sturdy door, or use the Hub Anchor Strap on a weight-bearing anchor-point indoors or out. Easily attach Handles and Foot Straps for any workout. Strength training has never been more attainable at home or on the go!

• Ultra-durable and versatile anchoring options

• Heavy duty webbing throughout

• Superior versatility with ultra-heavy duty Gravity Straps and carabiner system 

• Oversize, sure-grip handles

• Soft, neoprene foot cradles


• 2 Gravity Straps
• 1 Hub Anchor Strap
• 1 Door Anchor
• 2 Power Handles
• 2 Foot Straps
• 1 Training Manual
• 1 Mesh Carry Bag

#TRX System #suspension training #Total Resistance Exercises 


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