GoFit Super Band Gym – Short Bar [GF-SBG]

$ 779.00

This lightweight system replaces free weights! Rubber-resistance strength training anywhere, anytime!


Super Band Gym - Short Bar [GF-SBG]

This lightweight system replaces free weights! Rubber-resistance strength training anywhere, anytime!

  • Short Bar, two Super Bands and a Door Anchor create an ultra-variable resistance for strength-training at any angle! And with the included training manual, FREE Workout Library and GoFit Training App, your gym is ready to go.
  • Short Bar: 20" bar with heavy-duty inner steel construction, wide handle surface with sure-grip rubber, and strong eye bolt carabiner connectors with ball-bearing swivels
  • Super Bands: 80" Durable rubber loop for ultra-variable resistance
  • Carabiners: Heavy gauge steel, triangular, screw-link
  • Door Anchor: Ultra-strong, double-stitched synthetic webbing with oversized foam stopper wheel

Visit GoFit Video Library for Super and and Resist-a- Bar Workouts!

**Short Bar can be used with GoFit Power Tubes, Gravity Gym/Straps, and other Super Band resistances.

Includes :
- 1pc - 20" Short Bar
- 2 pc, Super Bands 1" & 1.5"
- 2 pc, Steel Triangular Screw-Link Carabiners
- 1 pc Door Anchors
- Training Manual



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