NEW! GoFit REVOLVE ROLLER – Massage & Recovery Foam Roller

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The first adaptive massage roller is here!



The first adaptive massage roller is here!

This first-ever, transforming massage roller adapts for targeted massage. You adapt it to fit your massage by rearranging the nine Adaptive Massage Rings. Offered in varied sets of three sizes, these interchangeable rings, provide ultra-diverse massage options, from superficial to deep tissue compression. Each ring has variable patterns of raised ridges that promote circulation and release trigger points. Simply slide the rings on and off the roller to create limitless massage configurations.

Available in two models (Revolve Roller 045 or Revolve Roller 423).

Each Revolve Roller has 9 Adaptive Massage Rings

Adaptive Massage Rings are available in 3 sizes on model 423 , 2 sizes on model 045  and 1 sizes on model 009 (see below for model examples)

All Rings are interchangeable for unlimited targeted massage options

Ultra-Fin Core length: 13" - Core dia: 4.375"

Screw-in Retainer Caps on both ends of core

Massage Rings use stabilizing grooves to slide on and off the Revolve Roller

Rotating the ring one-quarter turn will vary the raised ridge pattern

GoFit Revolve Roller (Model 423 & 045)

Ring outside diameters:
• Red Low profile: 5.875"
• Grey Mid profile: 6.25"
• Green High profile: 6.625


• One Revolve Roller (GF-REV-045,  GF-REV-423 and GF-REV-009 )
• Training Manual

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REV-045 (Red & Grey), REV-423( Green, Red & Grey), REV-009 (RED)


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