GoFit Go Vibe Vibrating Massager

$ 198.00

Vibrating Massage to Energize


GoFit Go Vibe Vibrating Massager

Vibrating massage to energize sore and tired muscles. Improve muscle elasticity and roll out sore muscles more effectively with the power of vibration. Go Vibe Technology combines the benefits of targeted self massage with vibrating motion. This combo stimulates muscle blood-flow and offers an added dimension to muscle relaxation and flexibility.

  • Muscle-energizing vibration
  • Soothe sore muscles anytime
  • Stimulate muscle blood-flow
  • Includes 2 deep tissue massage attachments: Stainless steel dome and “five-fingered” nodule massager
  • Operates on 2 standard AAA batteries
  • Durable plastic outer gripping surface
  • Ultra portable hand-held size
  • Companion product with GoFit’s Roll-On Massager, Polar Roll-On Massager and Thermal Roll-On Massager
  • Dia: 3.25" x Height: 3"


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