Gofit Gel Hand Grip – Ergonomically Fits

$ 80.00

 To improve your grip strength and assist in relieving stress


GoFit Gel Hand Grip

The GoFit Gel Hand Grip ergonomically fits in your palm and centers your grip pressure into squeezable gel. The ultra-soft-touch resistance strengthens your grip, relieves stress and helps with rehabilitation. Portable and unbreakable, the new GoFit Gel Hand Grip is available in firm and medium resistance levels.

Available Resistances:
•Medium (Green)  GF-GEL-MED
•Firm (Red)  GF-GEL-FRM

•Clean your hand grip using a soft cloth and warm water. Let your hand grip air dry.

•DO NOT use abrasive or chemical cleaners.

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Medium (Green), Firm (Red)


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