GoFit Double Thick Yoga Mat 7mm

$ 169.00

Gofit Double-Thick Yoga Mat, 68-Inch (GF-2XYOGA)
Double-Cushioned Closed cell Foam with a Non-Slip Surface


GoFit Double Thick Yoga Mat

The GoFit Double Thick Yoga Mat is double-cushioned closed cell foam with a non-slip surface providing extra comfort and protection for yoga poses, pilates exercises, HIIT Yoga Fusion and stretching routines. The Double Thick Yoga Mat easily rolls up for storage and wipes clean with a damp towel, making every session doubly effective and efficient.

  • Extra Cushion7mm double-thick closed cell foam
  • ♦Superior comfort for yoga, pilates and stretching exercises
  • ♦Textured surface for secure footing and added grip
  • ♦Length: 68" Width: 24"



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