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GoFit Corset Waist Trainer shapes your waist for an hourglass figure. From the moment you put it on, it tightens and flattens your tummy. Ideal for light workouts, the ventilated flex-latex rubber creates compression and helps burn calories. The Corset Waist Trainer is comfortable while supporting posture, helping prevent back pain and injuries. Train. Recover. Repeat. GoFit!

•Ventilated flex-latex rubber body with soft, felt-finish polyester lining.

•Reinforced placket with durable 3-row-adjustable, stainless steel hooks.

•Nine steel boning supports sheathed with satin-finish exterior and felt-finish interior.

•Pleated polyester closure with satin-finish exterior and felt-finish interior.

Available Sizes:

•Small: 28"- 30" (≈71-76 cm)

•Medium: 30"- 32" (≈76-81 cm)

•Large: 32"- 34" (≈81-86 cm)

•Height (of all sizes): 11.25" (≈28.58 cm)


•One Corset Waist Trainer

•Owner's Manual

Does the Corset Waist Trainer contain LATEX?
This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

• DO NOT use the Corset Waist Trainer for vigorous endurance exercises, such as extended jogging, extended bicycling, fast walking, mountain climbing, etc.

• DO NOT use in extreme heat, high humidity, or combination of both extremities.
• DO NOT sleep in Corset Waist Trainer.
• DO NOT use Corset Waist Trainer during pregnancy.
• DO NOT use Corset Waist Trainer if under 18. Corset Waist Trainer is only recommended for ages 18+.
• DO NOT use if:
- Involved in water loss programs or taking diuretics
- You have any dehydrated condition
- You have any cardiovascular problems
• Consult your physician prior to use if you are subject to back, neck, circulatory or other conditions that may be exacerbated by the use of this product.
• The Corset Waist Trainer is not a toy; keep out of reach of children and pets.

• It is recommended to wear the waist trainer on top of lightweight clothing (t-shirt, tank top, etc.) and not directly on your skin.

• Your waist trainer will provide compression immediately and should fit tight enough to pull your waist in on the first hook closure with no bulging. The waist trainer should have enough structure to not roll over the waist (this may be a sign the waist trainer is too small).
• Waist trainer should not cover your bust. The top of the waist trainer should be below your bust.
• Always break in your waist trainer for a more comfortable fit. (See Training Guidelines in the Owner's Manual.)
• Stay properly hydrated. The thermal activity of your core will increase and you will perspire more. The more perspiration, the more you need to replenish those fluids.
• Do regular self-checks to ensure you are wearing the waist trainer correctly.
• If at any time you feel uncomfortable, experience pain, bruising, your breathing is restricted, or you cannot engage in normal activities, remove the waist trainer immediately and consult your physician.
• Waist training is a gradual process. Be patient and take it day by day to reach your long term goal. If waist training is rushed and done improperly, you could end up doing more harm than good. Do not over train.
• For long-term results your waist trainer should be used in conjunction with healthy diet and moderate, regular exercise.
•The garment is going to feel uncomfortable until you get used to it. This is why you gradually build up to wearing the trainer for longer periods of time.
• Your waist trainer can be worn during light exercise and everyday use to maximize your waist training. We do not recommend doing core exercises while wearing your waist trainer. This could stretch or damage your waist trainer.
• If using the waist trainer after childbirth, please consult your physician.

Cleaning your Corset Waist Trainer on a regular basis will help maintain the usefulness and longevity of your waist trainer.

• Only HAND WASH  your waist trainer in cold water.

• AIR DRY. Lay the waist trainer flat to dry. DO NOT  put waist trainer in dryer!

• If using your Corset Waist Trainer every day—wash the waist trainer at least 3 times a week. Increase this amount if you are working out in the garment.

• After each use, air dry your waist trainer. Turn the lining-side up and hang. Keep away from, and never hang near, any heat sources.
• Instead of one waist trainer, purchase two. This will allow you to alternate waist trainers between each wearing.
• Check your waist trainer for any tears or rips before washing.
• DO NOT  expose Corset Waist Trainer to heat, such as from a dryer, heater or direct sunlight.
• Keep your waist trainer away from any sharp objects.
• Keep your waist trainer out of direct sunlight. The waist trainer should not be placed anywhere where it would be exposed to extreme high or low temperatures or heat sources.

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