GoFit 13in Extreme Foam Roller – Black

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  • Relax and massage muscles through compression force
  • Suitable for warm up, cool down or post and pre- exercises
  • Promote recovery between training sessions



•Relax and massage muscles through compression force

•Suitable for warm up, cool down or post and pre- exercises

•Promote recovery between training sessions

The 13-inch Go Roller, featuring the new UltraFin Core, is a condensed size, ideal for pre and post workouts. The new UltraFin design provides maximum firmness and support without flexing or breaking. The molded foam’s multiple massage zones knead knotted muscles and increase blood flow, jump-starting the body’s recovery.

Introducing the ALL-NEW GoFit UltraFin Core—engineered to allow deeper pressure with greater stability for muscle massage and stretching. This unique inner support structure, along with our already-effective foam patterns break down and release the body’s ailments and stresses. Unlike other traditional “hollow” foam rollers, the UltraFin Core withstands the most intense therapy sessions in the industry, helping your body to improve blood circulation throughout your skin, fascia, muscles and even tendons and ligaments.

• UltraFin Core prevents flexing and breaking of the inner core.
• Holds up to 50% more weight than traditional “hollow” foam rollers.
• Firmer, denser rolling for faster breakdown of fascia and lactic acid.
• The same popular exterior patterns, allowing blood to quickly flood
the muscle through the foam channels and speed up recovery.
• Patent Pending

In the included Training Manual, you’ll find effective exercises for all types of deep tissue muscle recovery. Also included are unique strength-training moves that you just can’t do using standard rollers. So, keep your muscles moving with the rejuvenating, strengthening deep tissue therapy of the GoFit 13" Go Roller.

No matter how rigorous or how often you train, recovery is always key. When you workout, it’s important to give your muscles and body proper rest and recovery time. But it’s more than just time your body needs. With proper stretching, hydrating, and massaging, muscle tissue rebuilds and restores. Mobility and flexibility improve, and your post workout recovery time speeds up. These great benefits help prevent injury, build strength, and generate stamina, so you reap the rewards of all your hard work for the long haul! The 13-inch GoFit Go Roller is the perfect myofascial massage therapy tool—helping you rebuild connective tissue, roll out pain, and reap the rewards of your workout. Train. Recover. Repeat. GoFit.

Includes: 13" Go Roller and Massage Roller Training Manual

Length: 13" Diameter: 6"



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