Pi π Ball

• Patented-design
• Anti-burst technology
• Made of non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly PVC
• Suitable for fitness and rehabilitation exercises, relieving back pain, improving early scoliosis
• tactile sensory spiky bumps ideal for massage purpose

The unique, remarkable design of Altus Pi ball comprises both plane surfaces as well as segments with massage bumps. Altus Pi ball with high requirements for the size, hardness and distribution of massage bumps which placed the spotlight on its design. For this eminent bumps design, Altus has registered the Pi ball design patent.

The most vital characteristic of a fitness ball/ stability ball is of course safety. Altus Pi ball utilizes honeycomb anti-burst technology. Even if it is pierced by any hard objects, it won’t burst like a balloon. Thus, users can securely make use of Altus Pi ball to do different fitness, yoga, or rehabilitation exercise, alleviate waist pain, boost your body flexibility and coordination, and even correct early scoliosis in children and youngsters.

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